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About Us...

The Southern Council of Dance Masters (SCDM) is an association of certified dance educators with the goals to advance the art of  dancing and improve the practice of its teaching. We are a group of individuals from the South East Coast representing Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 
     Our parent organization Dance Masters of America, is an International  Educational Dance Teacher Organization which has served the dance community for  more than a century. The SCDM offers workshops, master classes and training  sessions for both teachers and students in addition to scholarship auditions,  competition and so much more. We also sponsors dance competitions throughout the  year. Qualifying members will have the opportunity to compete in national  competitions sponsored by The Dance Masters of America and others. Events  include Solo Title Competitions, Dance Scholarship Auditions and Performing Arts  Competitions for member’s students.

Benefit of Membership

The Dance Masters of America had been certifying and setting the standards in dance education since 1884. Since its inception, the goals of the organization have been to improve the standards of dance benefits offered to its members and their students.

DMA provides manuals and other training aids that are being utilized in dance studios, schools, colleges, universities and other dance institutions throughout the world. Continual updates of the manuals make them a living instrument of learning.

DMA Chapters provide regional workshops, educational seminars and forums as well as performance opportunities for members and their students.

Contact for Membership Info

Suzanne Goodman

Ruth Singletary

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