Fall Convention and Title Competition

Title Holders 2019.jpg

Southern Council Dance Masters, Solo Title Competition Results 2018-2019

Petite Miss:
Interview Winner: Sofia Morette
Ballet: London Killowitz

Tap: Olivia Lunderville

Jazz: London Killowitz

Acro: London Killowitz 

3rd Runner up: Bella Wade

2nd Runner up: London Killowitz

1st runner up: Olivia Lunderville
Petite Miss Dance 2019: Sofia Morette
Junior Miss/Mr:
Interview Winner: Lettie Blevins and Luke McKinney
Ballet: Adelynn Johnson

Tap: Sorelle Ciechowski and Carly McMillan

Jazz: Carly McMillan

Acro: Carly McMillan and Adelynn Johnson


Sorelle Ciechowski
Elise Welfare
Lettie Blevins
Adelynn Johnson

Most Talented Non-Finalist: Carly McMillan

1st Runner Up: Lettie Blevins
Junior Miss Dance 2019: Elise Welfare

Junior Mister Dance 2019: Luke McKinney

Teen Miss/Mr:
Interview Winner: Bethany Smith
Ballet: Katelyn Bidema

Jazz: Bella Blatchford and Alyssa Raibstein

Tap: James Welfare

Acro: Alyssa Raibstein and Haley Taylor

Modern: Alyssa Raibstein

Alyssa Raibstein

Bethany Smith

Olivia Belue

Lillian Goodman

Katelyn Bidema
Haley Taylor

Most Talented Non-Finalist: Meredith Welfare

2nd runner up: Katelyn Bidema
1st runner up: Haley Taylor
Teen Miss Dance 2019: Alyssa Raibstein

1st runner up: Cody Herne

Teen Mister Dance 2018: James Welfare


Miss Dance/Mr:
Interview Winner: Lili Isol
Ballet Winner: Makayla Cooper
Tap: Makayla Cooper
Jazz: Jaishaundrea Gregg
Modern: Makayla Cooper
Acro: Lili Isola

Most Talented Non Finalist: Natalie Decker

Lili Isola
Makayla Cooper
Jaishaundrea Gregg
Kira Harris

1st runner up: Makayla Cooper
Miss Dance 2019: Lili Isola

Mister Dance 2019: Daniel Blackwood